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In Anno Itinerantur - W is for Workers

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter W

In the past year since  travel opened up for Australians Robert and I have taken several journeys at home and overseas. While I posted many photos of these adventures on Facebook I want to leave a more permanent record of some of our adventures. This challenge provides me with opportunities to share my photos and stories while recording some personal history. 

I plan to share photos and stories from our travels between April 2022 and March 2023.  My theme this year is In Anno Itinerantur. 

Without the enormous team of people that work in the travel industry we wouldn't be possible to organise and undertake our journeys. Today's post is a salute to the Workers supported our travel habit over the past year.  

Top of the pops is the laundry team who work on the lower decks of the Regent Seven Seas Ships on which we regularly sail. All passengers on board Regent have free laundry so these chaps have a huge workload. When we board the ship we find a large box of posh chocolates in our suite that we do not need. On a recent cruise we gave them to Annie the Chief Housekeeper on board to pass on the laundry team. 

The laundry team with the posh chocolates (Photo - Courtesy Housekeeper Theresa)

The laundry team together with a huge team of invisible workers like the engineers, deck hands, chefs and galley staff have a huge impact on the success of our cruises. 

Deck hands and Security Officers who see us safely
on an off the tenders on Regent ships

A Tour Guide can make or break a tour. We have had our share of good, bad and indifferent. The women in the next two images were both passionate about the sites they showed us and extremely knowledgeable. I admired their fitness over some tricky terrain. 

Tour guide at Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece

Tour Guide at Phillipi, Greece

Mick, the Tour Leader on our Back-Roads "Italian Indulgence" tour of Northern Italy was caring, funny, adaptable and suave plus he knew his stuff. 

The admin staff at Club Med in Tomamu braved the cold to stand outside and farewell our buses as we left the resort. All of the staff members we encountered at the site were most helpful. As I sat inside watching the ski instructors teaching the beginners I was impressed by their patience. 

Au Revoir from Club Med, Tomamu

Ski Instructor (in red) giving encouragement to our granddaughter

It was not only the younger generation who learnt new skills on their travels. On our February cruise we had an opportunity to improve our photographic skills. See my post- Sea Days

Safety and security are major concerns for travellers and tour operators, it is comforting to see many people working to maintain our safety.

Railway staff at Werris Creek Station connecting trains from
Narrabri and Armidale for the journey to Sydney

Safety demonstration on board Coral Adventurer in Darwin. 

Security Check at St Paul's Cathedral, London

Security Officers at Luganville, Vanuatu

Lifeguards at the ready - Palm Cove, Queensland

While not a Lifeguard this pedicab driver was a Lifesaver on a hot day in Split, Croatia when he gave us a Five Euro ride back to our ship.

A Lifesaver in Split, Croatia

This strong Rower captained our boat and also acted as photographer on our ride in the underground caves at Melissani Lake, Greece. 

He row, row, rowed our boat at Melissani Cave or Melissani Lake, Kefalonia, Greece

Wherever we dock there are workers on the dock to help the deck crew dock and leave the port safely. On the way into port local pilots often board the ship to help guide us safely into port. Immigration and Customs Officials may also board the ship outside a port so that they can complete formalities before passengers set off for their tours in port. 

Casting off in Liverpool, England

Officials in Papua New Guinea board the ship via a rope ladder

Being able to forget about cooking, catering and housework is an element of travel that I relish. I have very few photos of the enormous number of workers who have seen to our comfort, cleanliness and sustenance.

This cook in a tent in a park near Shinjuku, Japan had a hot job

This waiter served coconut juice from a wheelbarrow in Navua, Fiji

And the hand of the waiter on Seven Seas Explorer poured the soup

Kitchen hand in Pizza Shop - London, England

One of the army of Cleaners who maintain the
pristine environment at Disney Tokyo

We would not get to experience the work of these amazing people above without the help and guidance of our fabulous travel agent, Adam Pearson, and his team at Travel Associates, Toronto, NSW. 

Adam and the team from Travel Associates, Toronto


  1. Jill this is a great topic for W. It’s amazing how much we rely on others while travelling.

    1. Reminds me of that ad that said "You can't leave home without them"

  2. Great post Jill. It’s so easy to forget the many people who make our lives easier.

  3. I smiled all the way through the photos!

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  4. Kudos to you for including the workers from your travels! They labor very hard to make a tourist visit memorable, as you have ably demonstrated in your photo montage.

  5. Once again it's fab to wake up to your comments Pauleen, Donna and Molly. Appreciating your visits.


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