Diary of a Decrapifier

As an aide memoire and to give myself some positive reinforcement I am keeping an inventory of the things I have ditched in my decrapifying exercise. 

All goods that are in reasonable condition have been passed on to appropriate charities, some stuff is going out in the next council cleanup and papers are doomed for the recycle bin. Some of my rubbish is in the virtual space so my Delete button is getting a good workout.
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31 July 2019 I went through all of my deceased mothers' xrays and scans  pulled them out of  their envelopes and put these in the paper recycle. I have the films bundled up to go the a facility that recycles old xrays.

25 May 2018  Since moving to our new house we have tossed so much and we still have too many possessions. We have tossed over 1,000 books, lots of clothes and part of my precious chicken collection. Today lots of our antique furniture was auctioned off. As it is now out of fashion to collect this style of furniture we only received a pittance for the furniture we had collected over 40 years.

December 2017 Quite a lot of furniture and linen has gone to local charity Friends with Dignity.

27 March 2017  The decrapifying has been continuing but as we have just bought a new downsize house we need to get serious. Gone are two old irons... more stuff to come. Watch this space.

February 2017 We put a heap of old stuff out for the Council cleanup including kids bikes and rideons. Most of the stuff was rescued from the footpath before the Council came to collect it.

1 May 2016 50 more fiction paperbacks boxed up and ready to go.

27 April  3 big bags of shoes, bags and clothes delivered to local charity chop, Vinnies at Hornsby.

14 April 2016   I recently moved my study to a larger room and in the process have scanned and shredded heaps of paper.

4 January 2016  I sent Mr GeniAus off to the local charity shop with several bags of clothes and household goods and he returned with them. The shop was not accepting donations as they had been overwhelmed in the post Christmas period. 

24 April 2015  Six blogger blogs deleted and four old laptops given to Mr Geniaus for hammer treatment.

12 April 2015  After a wonderful overseas holiday we returned at Christmas, celebrated with the family and set about organising a new kitchen. Gone is the daggy old kitchen, the rusty cake tins, the aluminium saucepans and yesterday I ditched the 35-45 year old Tupperware - that was a huge deal.

March 2015  Although I have not added to this list for months the decrapifying is continuing. Another Council Cleanup saw bits of furniture, four mattresses, whitegoods and assorted junk disappear.

25 October 2014 We have three more bags of clothing and some blankets, linen and curtains washed and ready to go to the remote community.

23 October 2014 I dropped another big bag of stuff off at Vinnies when I drove past today.

21 October 2014 Mr Geniaus dropped off a few more boxes of bits and pieces to the local Vinnies store.

20 October 2014 The Salvos sent a truck to pick up a load of furniture from our garage. They are very fussy about what they take. Amongst other things they refused an armchair because it was a single chair. The good news is that our tractor now fits in the garage.

15 October 2014 It's still an ongoing event. I have just packed Mr GeniAus off to Vinnes with several boxes of party glasses, some of Mum's nick-nacks, more clothing and stuff.

2 October 2014 A family member relieved us of a double bed and mattress and a single bed mattress today so there is a little more space in the garage.

I think we have disposed of way more than 40 bags or boxes of gear by now but we will keep on tossing.

1 October 2014 Things have slowed down as I have a few houseguests recently but the decrapifying goes on. I have been busy going trhough my collection of 90,000 digital images and removing duplicates, where I have multiple photos of the same thing I am pruning down ther too. I have another box of books packed up and ready to go as well as a box of kitchen bits.
We have started a pile in the corner of the garage for the next Council Cleanup, two old irons have been added.

15 September 2014 Back to the bedroom today. Another huge bag of shoes, bags and more clothes packed up for the remote community. 

Started work in my study - now there's a challenge. 

Scanning loose papers and deciding on what to keep in hard copy.
14 September 2014 Our kitchen dinnerware is all packed up and ready to move on.

13 September 2014 It has taken ages to remove photos from over 50 albums and rehouse them into acidfree photo boxes. I have just two shoebox sized containers of photos to sort and date.

I need to get even more serious with the Decrapifying. Maybe I should tackle my shoe collection next.

12 September 2014 Another box of books.

10 September 2014 The local Council removed a big pile from our frootpath that included paly equipment, old furniture, plant pots and air conditioners.

8 September. Thanks to our daughter for sharing this website where we can donate pre-loved baby goods http://dandelionsupport.org/ Change table and other bits headed their way.  Ripped out recipe pages tossed in recycling bin after scanning.

7 September 2014 - Another 20 books. Mr Geniaus got help to put more heavy goods on footpath for Council cleanup. 

6 September 2014 - Half a dozen 80s cookbooks and a big bag of T-shirts and tops. 

5 September 2014 - Only a few jumpers and cardigans from me today. Mr GeniAus has put heap of furniture out on the footpath for Monday's Council Cleanup.

4 September 2014 - Box of old Foodie magazines - fave recipes ripped out to scan.

3 September 2014 - Small electrical appliances, old pillows.

2 September 2014 - Three bags of clothes to charity, more blankets.

1 September - First Day of spring 30 more books to Rotary.

31 August 2014  3 bags of souvenired hotel sopas, tootbrushes, shampoos, lotions to a remote rural community. Tidy up Youtube video channel.

30 August 2014  Tablecloths and tea towels, standard lamp, bike rack, bag of kids books - to family members.

29 August 2014  120 Non-Fiction Books, more loose paper. deleted 1 pages of  hints on Ancestry.co.uk

28 August 2014  Two suitcases filled with blankets and linen, sleeping bag. Deleted 12 pages of hints on Ancestry.co.uk.

27 August 2014 150 Fiction books, asssorted baby stuff.

26 August 2014  1 box kitchen bits, small box of loose papers, 1 bag clothes. Deleted 15 pages of hints on Ancestry.co.uk.


  1. well done Jill..loved the bit where you ripped out the fav recipes to scan..:)

  2. I can recommend scanning your recipes to Evernote Food.

  3. I recently gave 3 bags of hotel toiletries to a woman's shelter. My friend volunteers there, and she told me how thrilled the homeless women and children were with these items. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! I can relate to your shoe problem, too. I have boxes and boxes of shoes I'll never wear with my foot problems. It's time to donate them, too.

  4. Good decrapifying Jill :) I have a job if you'd like it ;)

  5. You put me to shame Jill, must try harder!

  6. Sounds like us every time we moved house every couple of years. Amazing what you can collect in a short space of time or lug from house to house. Keep up the good work Jill


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