Saturday, June 15, 2024

Appuldurcombe House

We braved the summer showers and chilly conditions this morning to visit a site recommended by our mate Heather.

Situated in a sheltered spot on the top of a hill with stunning views this shell of a stately home would have been a handsome residence before it fell into disrepair. It was once the grandest house on The Isle of Wight.

We managed some photos before we retreated to the shelter of our rental car.

It was a short walk down this path to the house

There were many information boards telling the story of the site

The entry at the rear of the house

The large front reception room has been reroofed and made weatherproof

This appeared to be original flooring

This looked like a minor staircase. Unfortunately we didn't see a plan of the property.

This board shows how the house was decorated in the 1800s

As we entered via the rear of the property we didn't see a view of the house until we had been through the interior. 

The original very attractive front entry

Friday, June 14, 2024

Curves and Circles

My photos today focused on curves and circles.

We had a full day on the Isle of Wight. Fortified by an English breakfast we spent over four hours at Queen Victoria's holiday home, Osborne House, before taking to the road to explore more of the Island's coast.

Regal crockery

Corridor at Osborne House

Queen Victoria's bathing machine

Windows from Swiss Cottage, the Royal Children's play house

We were accompanied on our drive by steady rain which discouraged us from lingering at scenic sites. We rounded off our day with dinner in a local pub.

We enjoyed the coastal view from the car

We enjoyed a taste of Sicily with our dinner

Monday, June 10, 2024

New note

While I was in a London M&S boosting the British economy Robert managed to get one of these newly released King Charles notes.

Twenty Pounds

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2024: Z is for Zakynthos, Zakopane, Zanzibar and Zayatsky

Looking back through my travel photos I see that in many places we visited there was, on our agendas, an Abbey, Cathedral, Chapel, Church, Convent, Monastery, Mosque, Pagoda, Synagogue, Temple or other place of worship. As we travel along the road I often take snaps of God's many houses we pass by. These buildings range from ordinary to ostentatious. 

For the Blogging from A to Z April 2024 Blogging Challenge my theme is Gods' Houses. During April I invite you to join me for an online tour of Gods' Houses from my digital albums.

I was fearful of the difficult Z post. When I looked at my keywords I discovered that I had visited several Z places and that I had photos of churches from some of them:  ZakynthosZakopane, Zanzibar and Zayatsky. So for a change my Z post was easy to compile. 

Our first stop is in Zakynthos in Greece. As we drove around the island we saw several churches. I only have vague memories of this island so am pleased that I will visit again this year.

This church was tucked in the corner of the main square.

We spent time at very old church

Art in the old church

We spotted this church on a hill

and saw two yellow churches on our drive

Yet another church snapped from the bus. 

On  a coach tour in Poland we visited the charming town of Zakopane. As well as taking a funicular ride up to a mountaintop we visited a couple of local churches and a cemetery.

The Chapel of The Saint Christ’s Heart in Jaszczur√≥wka


A helpful guide in English

I didn't record the name of this next church

I suspect that it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Mary had a significant spot above the altar

We managed to squeeze the usual visits to a church, market and pther historical sites on our day in Zanzibar. 

Christ Church - The Anglican Cathedral in Zanzibar

Above the altar

Beautiful woodwork

We reached the uninhabited island of Zayatsky in a local vessel on a beautiful afternoon.. The island has a connection to the magnificent Solavetsky Monastery that we had visited that morning.

Approaching St Andrew's Church by boat

As the church was tiny we had to enter in small groups

The church was splendidly decorated. It was definitely worth the wait to enter
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