Friday, August 30, 2013


Going through some holiday snaps I found this snap of a sign we saw in a government office we visited in New York. I wonder how a similar sign would go down with customers in Australia?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Not your Average Fete

Along with some of the family Mr Geniaus and I attended the King's Spring Festival at The King's School in Parramatta yesterday.

Jam and Pickles 1977 (I'm in the Union Jack tshirt)
When my girls were at school these school fundraising celebrations were called Fetes and were very simple affairs with horse rides, home made cakes, a merry-go-round, handicrafts and secondhand goods. My baptism of fire came when I was a keen kindergarten mother; one of the more senior mums introduced me to another young mum, Kay, who has now been my friend for 35 years, and suggested we run the jam and pickles stall. So began our fete career. By the time my last child left school I had convened the whole affair a couple of times.

The Fete Festival at Kings was huge.  The school is set in 300 acres in what is now the geographic centre of Sydney so there is plenty of space for big gig. Gone were the handmade and secondhand goods; there wasn't a homemade sponge in sight but there was plenty to amuse young and old and plenty of opportunities to give the credit card some activity. Part of the festival that was held over three days was The King's School Art Show; it was pleasing to see that the school was supporting a local charity, The Westmead Children's Hospital with some of the proceeds from the Festival.

My favourite artworks were those done by the prep students
My favourite artist shows off his apple art
The male members of the family disappeared  to peruse the British Car Show - there were hundreds of vehicles

Three captivating sculptures from the Art Show


People were out in force on this glorious winter's day
There were novelties...
and posh hats for sale. (I got one too)
The boys didn't complain about the long wait for a Dodgem Car ride

We passed on the Teacups and other thrill rides
Don't know what these were
There were performers to get the kids dancing
Ice-cream rewards at the end of the day
Some people just thought the event was a big yawn.

Nos and Nots

Going over some old holiday snaps from last year's visit to Recife in Brazil. I found this picture from a Monastery (Museo Franciscano de Arte Sacra) that we visited.

At the Museum we found this quite impressive list of Nos and Nots.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Drive By Photography

I love taking photos when we are travelling along various highways and byways and Mr Geniaus likes to drive along making minimal stops. If we stopped every time I wanted to take a photo we'd probably never get where we are going.

On our trip from Sydney to Wagga Wagga via Canberra yesterday I took more than a few snaps from the car; many of them were actually in focus but they are definitely snapshots not beautifully composed compositions. They are, however, great reminders for me of the various trips we take.

Here's some drive by photography from yesterday.

There is wattle everywhere - no wonder I sneezed so much

Hope the Esky was still  there when these folk stopped for lunch

We only saw one Police Car on the trip

Why do road signs get in the way of my photos?

It was the coldest weather we've experienced all winter

The sun was shining and the skies were blue

Lake George was dry as usual

Another street sign at The Australian War Memorial

Clouds are gathering

So many big transports - why can't we use more trains  for transporting goods?

And the rain came down

On the road at Gundagai

An Aussie farmhouse 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday Present Done and Dusted

I quite enjoyed reading a book I got for my birthday. Reminiscent of Downwton Abbey Habits of the House by Fay Weldon was the first in the Love & Inheritance Trilogy. It's the first book by Fay Weldon that I have read.

If I am lucky (and some family members read this post) I might score books 2 and 3 at some later date.

You can see how I rated this work on my Librarything account.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Perennial Problem...

...Remembering Passwords.

Thanks to my mate Chris Betcher (aka Betchaboy) for sharing the link to this video via Google+

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Mates

Taken fifty years ago this is a picture of me with my two best friends from school on a picnic. The image is not so good but my camera wasn't too good in those days either.

3 School Friends 1963 (I'm on the left)
A few times a year we get together in the City to see a movie or visit an attraction and have a bite to eat while we chat. Yesterday we were in the City bright and early to see the 10:00am session of  Behind the Candelabra  a movie about Liberace that we all thoroughly enjoyed. I had seen Liberace when he visited Australia in the early 80s so was keen to see how he was protrayed by Michael Douglas.

 After the movie we wandered around to Circular Quay where we found a restaurant with a sheltered spot in the sun. We ate and we talked and talked. Thankfully the restaurant people didn't move us on so we were able to engage in a 2 1/2 talkfest.

I love these get togethers with my old friends who, like me, just can't work out where those 50 years have gone.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trees by a Riverbank

Mr Geniaus has terrible trouble finding birthday presents for this girl who "has everything". I didn't expect a gift this year as I considered that my recent trip to Europe with my daughter was more than enough.

But I do like surprises so I was more than delighted when Mr Geniaus yesterday gave me a large parcel that had arrived from England. After I finally removed the surprise from the metres of bubble wrap that were protecting it I found something that I wasn't expecting at all; it was Trees by a River Bank.

Trees by A River Bank
It's a painting by Australian artist Jamie Boyd, son of Arthur, and member of the family that includes a few other prominent Australian painters.

What is surprising is that we're not really into art and don't collect paintings but I guess that we do now. Mr Geniaus found this one on a UK auction site while looking for something else, bought it and had it shipped to Australia.

I was quite floored by this lovely surprise. Thank you Mr Geniaus.

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