Friday, April 14, 2023

In Anno Itinerantur - L is for Libraries

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter L

In the past year since travel opened up for Australians Robert and I have taken several journeys at home and overseas. While I posted many photos of these adventures on Facebook I want to leave a more permanent record of some of our adventures. This challenge provides me with opportunities to share my photos and stories while recording some personal history. 

I plan to share photos and stories from our travels between April 2022 and March 2023.  My theme this year is In Anno Itinerantur. 

Once upon a time in the dim, dark ages I was a librarian. To this day I am a passionate library lover who looks for libraries whenever she is travelling. As is evidenced by the photos I am posting today some of these visits are just views captured from a passing car. I apologise for the quality of these images but I just had to give a shout out to those havens of entertainmant, enrichment and education. 

Wee Waa, NSW

We walked past this near Kings Cross in London

In Cobh, Ireland

Another image from Cobh, Ireland

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Excellent selection of books to borrow and some to swap on Regent Seven Seas Voyager

I couldn't spot a building but snapped this drive-by photo of a library sign in Bora Bora

The Library on Seven Seas Explorer is also well stocked and is a better design than the one on Voyager

Is the Literary Institute in Murrurundi, NSW a library?

Another drive-by in the main street of Gunnedah, NSW

My third visit to the Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey

The Public Library in Broome, Western Australia

The Library in Bletchley Park, England

 See the security guard in this library admonishing me for taking this library photo in Rome, Italy


  1. But of course you’d have to photograph libraries :) I wonder why the Rome librarian was so agitated about a photo.

  2. She looked fierce so I beat a hasty retreat

  3. Hello! I'm visiting from A to Z and love your theme and today's post! I would never have thought of visiting a library on my travels, but as a former librarian, of course you would! And it looks like you have been all over the world! I enjoyed the pictures very much! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for popping in from across the Tasman Elaine, I just had a quick look at your blog. As a lover of Africa I'll return to see more of your A-Z posts.

  4. I am also a frequenter of libraries in my travels -- often for genealogy research. That's a nice looking library at Bletchley Park. I wonder if any of the WWII secrets have passed the statute of limitations and are available there?

    1. I think those documents would be in another favourite haunt of mine - The National Archives in Kew.

  5. Why am I not surprised that you also photograph libraries on your travels Jill. I enjoyed seeing them all.

  6. Wow so many libraries and you have even captured some from a moving car. That is some dedication for them Jill. I would have been in heaven had I grown up near a library. I was always short on books to read. My mom would save up to buy me books and since they were very expensive, it was a yearly treat to get a book or two. I used to devour books from my school library. I had made an arrangement with my friends/classmates; most of them didn't like to read. So I would select books for them to take out and then be able to read them all within the week (library books were issued once a week) and then return them and get more. I can't tell you how much I missed school when it got over because now I know longer had a source for my fix ;-)

    1. Bless your Mum for feeding your reading habit. We're fortunate to have good public libraries in Australia but I still like to own books. I now use my local libraries more then previously because they have awesome collections of eBooks I can borrow.


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