Wednesday, April 12, 2023

In Anno Itinerantur - J is for Joy

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter J

In the past year since  travel opened up for Australians Robert and I have taken several journeys at home and overseas. While I posted many photos of these adventures on Facebook I want to leave a more permanent record of some of our adventures. This challenge provides me with opportunities to share my photos and stories while recording some personal history. 

I plan to share photos and stories from our travels between April 2022 and March 2023.  My theme this year is In Anno Itinerantur. 

The theme of this blog is jottings, journeys, joy  so in this "J" post where I am jotting about my journeys I must make Joy my theme. 

The images posted here show people experiencing or giving joy.

The first two images are from a week full of joy we spent in January with all of our descendants in Tomamu, Japan.

With our 12 grandchildren

With our four children

The remainder of the images are from other journeys. 

Fellow travellers soaked after a zodiac ride under the Oomari Falls, Kimberley Region, Australiaa

Yet another fabulous meal on Seven Seas Voyager

Local entertainer enjoying his gig on Norfolk Island 

At a fun cooking class at Villa Pitiana in Italy

Proud cheese vendor in Millesimo, Italy

Enjoying the launch ride on Lake Maggiore, Italy

At the end of a fun day with the family at Disney Park, Tokyo

Lots of giggles over lunch when we chatted with these Japanese students in Shibuya, Japan

DisneySea is better with a full stomach. 

His joy for surfing was infectious in Tahiti

Grace, our tour guide in American Samoa, was so proud to be sharing her knowledge of her island's history and heritage 

One couldn't help but smile with this ukelele playing chap in Nadi, Fiji

These kids loved seeing their digital photos after I took them in Fiji

He may look fierce but this man in Vanuatu proudly demonstrated his love of his culture

A joyous musical welcome in Bali, Indonesia

A young man enjoying the beach in Bali, Indonesia

Children had fun learning how to fly broomsticks at Alnick Castle, England

The flag-bearing leader of the band at the Truffle Festival in Millesimo, Italy was proudly smiling

Granddaughter playing "Snow Angel" in Tomamu, Japan

Fellow traveller enjoying the tour at Cawdor Castle, Scotland

A happy day for this bride in Rome, Italy

They may have been fuelled by alcohol but these men in Herakleia, Turkey were enjoying a pre-wedding party. It was a joy to observe


  1. So much joy on these photos. They are very infectious. I’m really enJOYing your series. It’s a great theme

  2. Wonderful photos of your family! I have to say, I felt joy at the end of this post -- so many smiling and engaging faces. Well done!

    1. "There is fear when frowning. There is love when smiling." —Maxime Lagac√©

  3. Wonderful photos of joy!

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  4. lots of smiles and happy memories

  5. So many joyous faces. A true celebration of life. I’m always in awe of how you manage to wrangle all your lot on a holiday at the same time.

    1. That trip was easy - the kids invited us. Do you think we would choose a skiing holiday??

  6. 12 grandchildren!!!! Wowza!!! Your family is beautiful Jill and there is so much joy in capturing them all in one frame. I am a big sucker for photos and loved how you have taken these and curated them to reflect Joy. Fabulous post.

    1. Thanks for all your comments shalzmojo. We love the kids but they do wear us out.


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