Saturday, April 15, 2023

In Anno Itinerantur - M is for Monuments

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter M

In the past year since  travel opened up for Australians Robert and I have taken several journeys at home and overseas. While I posted many photos of these adventures on Facebook I want to leave a more permanent record of some of our adventures. This challenge provides me with opportunities to share my photos and stories while recording some personal history. 

I plan to share photos and stories from our travels between April 2022 and March 2023.  My theme this year is In Anno Itinerantur. 

When out on tour our guides often point out monuments, (something erected in memory of a person, event, etc., as a building, pillar, or statue) that are significant in their locality. Some are grand, some are simple, I may not agree with the sentiments behind the monuments but still take their photos. Following is a sample of monumental images from our past  year's travel.

Annie Moore Monument, Cobh

The Cenotaph, next to Town Hall, Belfast, Ireland

John Rae, Arctic Explorer -  Orkney Islands

Agatha Christie Memorial - London, England

Wishing Well, Sydney, Australia

Lord McAlpine - Broome, Australia

Pope John Paul II - Termini, Rome, Italy

Magnificent Memorial to fallen soldiers - Tonale Pass, Italy

The last two images relate to the Mermaid Tree in remote Careening Bay in the Kimberley Region, Australia.

The Mermaid Tree, Careening Bay, Western Australia


  1. I'm known for not being able to walk past a monument Jill. You have reminded me of the day that I stumbled across the Agatha Christie Memorial. I hadn't realised there was a memorial to her, so it was a lovely surprise.

  2. I too like a good monument but I’ve not seen these, even the one in Cobh.

    1. It's outside the Museum right at the cruise port so I couldn't miss it.

  3. This is an excellent collection of monument photos. My personal favorite is the monument to Agatha Christie!

    1. I'm excited to be visiting Agatha's holiday home in the UK in July

  4. Love the emigration monument. So life like!

  5. I think monuments help us remember our history for better or for worse and give us pause

  6. I enjoy looking at and reading about monuments. It's a good way to learn history. I'm so distressed and angry when I see protestors tearing down monuments. I guess they want to erase certain histories and have everyone be as ignorant as they are. Each monument has a lesson to teach and a history to reflect upon and they are worth preserving whether one agrees with their purpose or not.


  7. Absolutely loved looking at the Agatha Christie one and the Mermaid tree - so exquisite. Thank you for this lovely share. I also note monuments and make it a point to visit and photograph them to my heart's content.


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