Thursday, April 25, 2024

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2024: V is for Virgin Mary

 Looking back through my travel photos I see that in many places there was, on our agendas, an Abbey, Cathedral, Chapel, Church, Convent, Monastery, Mosque, Pagoda, Synagogue, Temple or other place of worship. As we travel along the road I often take snaps of God's houses we pass by. These buildings range from ordinary to ostentatious. 

For the Blogging from A to Z April 2024 Blogging Challenge my theme is Gods' Houses. During April I invite you to join me for an online tour of Gods' Houses from my digital albums.

The Virgin Mary is venerated in some Christian religions as the mother of Jesus Christ. She is recognised in Gods' Houses by sculptures, paintings and other artworks. She is often portrayed holding a baby Jesus.

Church - Italy

La Houge Bie - Jersey, Channel Islands

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cordoba, Spain

Kotor, Montenegro

Zakopane, Poland

Broome, Australia

A Shrine - Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Pantheon - Rome, Italy

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

Cordon, France

Maputo, Mozanbique

Manila, Philippines

Lucca, Italy

St Pauls Cathedral, London, England

St Suzanne, France

St Malo, France

Hagia Sophia (Now a Mosque) - Istanbul, Turkey

Pieta (Michelangelo) St Peters Basilica - Rome, Italy


  1. Mary is my favorite saint,.
    That sculpture from St. Paul's is strange!

    1. So simple - the labelling told me what it was!

  2. Your tour of Virgins bears testament to the power of Christian messaging...

    1. I think people of all faiths can recognise Mary in depictions of her.

  3. I'd love for there to be more focus on Mary as a person rather than just her as a symbolic mother figure

    1. Thanks for visiting, I hope to do more commenting when this week is over.

  4. The St Paul's Cathedral sculpture is very abstract but serene like the others


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