Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Unfortunately I can't connect two devices to the internet at this hotel so, as I first connected with my smartphone,  I have to use it for my blog post.

Since we hit Spain we have been on the go. Thank heavens we had four quieter days in Berlin before we joined this tour of Spain and Portugal.

We left Salamanca, Spain for a picturesque drive to Portugal and felt quite at home as we passed many eucalypt forests. After a  tour of Porto City we had a seafood lunch of traditional Portuguese dishes before going to a Port tasting. We noe have a bottle of white port to add to our overloaded suitcases.

Porto on the Duoro River is right on the Atlantic. Pictured below is one of the bridges over the river. Does it remind you of another famous structure? In Paris?  Yes, it was designed by Monsieur Eiffel of tower fame.

The other snap is of two old travellers by the river.

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