Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the Road

12 October 2012

After waving goodbye to the 19 travellers who did the short tour of Poland the group of 16 who had opted for the longer 11 day journey left Crakow for the long drive to Torun. As we had over 400km to travel we were destined to spend most of the day on the road.

Large coach with driver, Robert, at the helm is very comfortable for 16 travellers 

There are plenty of good roads in Poland, more under construction and some that need renewing.
We passed lots of fertile farmland and traversed many level crossings
There are religious statues or altars on most crossroads
Our lunch stop was at the home of an artistic couple who bought the ruins of a castle. We are welcomed with traditional bread and salt
The table set for our lunch

Waiting to be served

A 17th century drawing of the castle before its demise
Artworks by the lady of the house

Fabric flowers

The door to the gents was made for leprechauns

Castle ruins

We were farewelled with a blast from the canon

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