Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ready for Takeoff....

No way!

Just three more sleeps and Mr Geniaus and I will be jetting off to Poland - the first stop on our next holiday adventure.

The packing challenge has started as I mentioned on Facebook a couple of days ago "Challenge of the week : restricting myself to 23kg luggage for European flights and coach tour. Packing for Gdansk, Poland south to Argentina - a few climate zones!" 

After laying out potential wardrobe items on the bed I started packing them in my suitcase and it was a sad story. I have just checked the three European airlines we are flying with and I can take a larger bag but it still has to be only 23 kg. and I can take a reasonable sized cabin bag. My problem is that Insight Vacations regulations are out of sync with the airlines so I can take one bag of 30kg on our coach tour and a piddly cabin bag - lots of packing and repacking ahead!  To compound matters at the end of our trip we are only allowed 15 kg for our trip to Iguazu Falls but at least the rest of our luggage will be stored for us.

The good news is that my tax return is organised and I have had a short, short haircut. 

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