Saturday, October 6, 2012

30 hours

Just 30 hours after we left home we are installed in our hotel in the centre of Warsaw. Our flight from Sydney was largely uneventful. I managed to see four films in my movie marathon, I'd particularly recommend Hysteria (a real giggle) and The Artist (just plain interesting b/w silent movie).Red dog while entertaining didn't live up to the book. I also read one unremarkable book.

We suffered a painful Qantas checkin lady in Sydney but things improved after that. We just made our connection to Warsaw after standing in an interminably long and slow security queue at  Frankfurt Airport (I thought the Germans were supposed to be efficient!)

The highlight of the trip for me was that he, who is proud that he has read less than ten books in his life, added to his tally of books read. I had purchased three disposable books from our local thrift shop, Vinnies, for the trip. Mr Geniaus, who is particularly interested in World War II and the Nazi regime (part of the reason we are in Poland is to visit Auschwitz) noticed that one of the books I had was a report of his life in Auschwitz by a Greek Jew who was 15 at the time he was incarcerated. Mr Geniaus started thumbing through the pages and then actually read the book from cover to cover. Wonders will never cease!

Warsaw looks like a pretty city  with some nice tree lined avenues displaying their autumnal colours, some drab communist era buidlings and some gorgeous European ones but I can only comment on what I have seen on the car trip from the airport. I am resting up for our traditional Polish Dinner and walking tour through the old city this evening.

I'll probably blog more from here as there is free hotel internet in 1 hour blocks.

Warsaw Buildings from our hotel window

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