Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pills and Insight

Just two more sleeps to go before the trip.

Today's main activity was a trip to the GP. When I went in for my consultation I said "I'm here for drugs!" After giving me a quizzical look she checked me over and provided me with prescriptions for the pills and potions I will need to take away. My subsequent trip to the pharmacist probably paid the deposit on her next overseas trip!

Washing, ironing, blog writing and telephone calls filled the rest of my day.

I couldn't make one call until this evening as I had decided to call Insight Vacations London Office and I needed to wait for morning to happen over there. Having blogged yesterday about how their luggage policy was out of sync with airline luggage policies I decided to call and  beg for leniency.

Alleluia - I now love Insight Vacations, the lovely girl I spoke with on the phone has said that I can take whatever luggage the airlines let me bring on their coach tour. My suitcase and matching  pink cabin bag will be travelling with me (I figure that I can squash a few extra outfits into the cabin bag).

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