Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disaster strikes

Thanks heavens that Mr Geniaus and I are both photoaholics as I would otherwise be distraught.  Today as we were on our tour of Auschwitz - 1 Camp I went to snap yet another image and this message appeared on my camera "SD Card Error".  I turned the camera off and on, inserted and reinserted the SD Card but to no avail. As I was travelling light without my camera bag I did not have a spare SD card on me to complement the two spare camera batteries I had in my pockets.

On my return to the hotel this evening I have tried unsuccessfully to revive the SD card but have failed; hopefully I will be able to retrieve the images when I return home.

My usual habit when travelling is to download my photos to my netbook as well as a portable hard drive each evening. I was so dead beat after our huge day yesterday that I postponed this chore. As a result I have lost both today's and yesterday's pictures.

I will append a few of Mr Geniaus' photos of our adventures instead.

A fresh start to our day in Zakopane

Our first church of the day, Sacred Heart of Jesus in Zakopane. There are lots of churches in Poland and our tour is giving us an opportunity to visit most many of them

Mr Geniaus was taken with this relic of Pope John Paul's hair. 

Polish graves are highly decorated

Potato pancake for lunch

Band getting ready for a funeral in Zakopane

The Polish poleman for our raft ride down the Dunajec River

The Polish poleman avoided a collision with these and other obstacles and, after two hours,  we arrived at our destination unscathed.
As I need my beauty sleep I won't post any pictures from today (yet); I need to rest up for a visit to the Salt Mines tomorrow.

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