Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I had thought that I would have plenty of time to blog about our Polish adventure but our tour schedule has kept us hopping. Our schedule can be found here.

We are loving Poland, a country with heaps of history, a rich culture, beautiful ancient cities and towns, well-preserved historic sites and picturesque countryside. It has suffered many invasions and anexures during its history but is now a proud independent nation.I was surprised to find that the population of Poland is 38 million as I had thought it was much less. We have found the cities and towns we have visited extremely clean and the homes and apartment blocks relatively well maintained. We have tried many new dishes including cabbage served in many ways!

Our travels have taken us from the capital, Warsaw, to the resort of Zakopane, the historic old capital, Crakow and the charming and vibrant city of  Torun. Tonight we find ourselves in the north in the city of Gdansk. One of our fellow travellers commented this morning "I thought I knew a lot but I am just finding out how much I don't know"; this relates equally to me as I am learning so much on this journey.

As pictures tell a thousand words I am going to put together a few posts containing photos from our previous days' travels that should show what we have seen and experienced. I will set these to appear in chronological order so should may appear before this post.

Work seen in an outdoor art show in Torun, Poland today

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