Saturday, October 20, 2012

Berlin by boat

19 October, 2012

We have had an amazing four days in Berlin assisted by unseasonally warm weather. Our hotel, The Radisson Blu, is fabulous and well-situated (for a change I chose well - thank you Trip Advisor for your assistance) on the River Spree and next to Unter den Linden.

We have done a combo of bus tours (hopon hopoff) and losts of walking around this city that is a major construction zone.  This morning we opted for a 1 hour cruise down the Spree to gain a different perspective on the city.

Here are a few happy snaps from that excursion.


Parliamentary Library 

Do the right thing - Berlin style (I think)

Radisson Blu

Oldest Church in Berlin - St Nicholas

Domed church on left is my fave building

Large map of Berlin with prominent places pinned

We went under lots of bridges

Worker salute


Angele Merkel's office - known locally as the washing machine

Double decker bridge links parliamentary buildings

Most of this bridge survived bombing in the war

Autumn leaves - a novelty for an Australian

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