Thursday, October 4, 2012

SIM and Cities

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One of my daughter's friends who is here for lunch was asking if I buy things online as she is nervous of doing so.

I must say I was worried about my latest online purchase, an international SIM card, that allows calling from 185 countries. Lots of other people have purchased these online but with my luck.....

I can report that all is well. I have tested the SIM out in my phone and it works, I haven't yet activated data but once I do this I should be able to keep in touch and not rack up too many bills if I use it judiciously. As it is a prepaid service I won't be in for any surprises.

Another task today was organising our travel docs, making sure they are all scanned (need to save them on my smartphone as well as netbook) and that we have an extra hard copy of each one.

We usually take pot luck with airport transfers and on arrival find a shuttle, cab or train to deliver us to our accommodation. I showed Mr Geniaus a website that offers transfers from Nice to Monte Carlo and asked if he thought I should book. He looked at the costs and said "Get a car, it's only a few Euros more than the shuttle". He is mellowing! We will now arrive at our poncy Monte Carlo hotel in style. While I was on a roll I looked at London transfer costs and compared them with the Heathrow Express train; once again Mr Geniaus said "Book a car."  I don't think he has recovered from a recent shuttle bus ride in New York where we were jammed in like sardines on a wet, sultry day and did a Cook's tour of accommodation sites before being tipped out at ours.

I should have booked a few more transfers while Mr Geniaus was in the comfortable transfer mode. Ah well, it wouldn't be a holiday if I didn't find myself dragging my bags in the heat or cold for a couple of km along rutted paths.

My penultimate task is to take my mother to the bank and doctors this afternoon. Then I just need to reweed my wardrobe and squash it in the suitcase.

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