Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Torun today...

Saturday 13th October

Torun has its own Leaning Tower. I tried to support it!

Move over Hollywood - Torun has a walk of fame too

The Post Office is impressive ...
... and so is The City Hall

Why do people feed the ***** pigeons?

We were bemused when the guide was telling us about this warehouse - our group members thought she said Whorehouse!

Backyard - Torun style

I asked a gentleman could I take a snap of his gorgeous dogs so he got them to pose.

This is the house where Nicholas Copernicus lived - his family were well heeled.

The most impressive part of this church was the door

An instrument of punishment - miscreants had to straddle the beast. Apparently the ridge along its back made the ride tortuous

Still in use today - the round prison in Torun

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  1. I've been enjoying your travel photos and stories Jill...I'm such a travelholic. was amused by the whorehouse confusion...of such stories arevtravel memories made.


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