Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turds in Paradise

28 November 2012

Ilha Grande is an island and state park in the Rio de Janiero state of Brazil. There is very little development in this extremely attractive area that is blessed with some beautiful beaches.

We spent a wonderful few hours in this area today. After our tender ride from the ship we wandered around the tiny town before finding a shady spot under a tree on a beach not too distant from the pier where we had landed.

The water looked so inviting that I stripped down to my costumes and waddled to the water's edge ready to plunge in. There on the wet sand staring at me were two dog turds; I had a 30 second paddle and headed back to my towel, Although the water looked inviting and I was hot I was not going to swim there. To top it off after I had decided to pass on the swim a dog came along and added to the turd tally near us.

In spite of this Ilha Grande is a beautiful place.
Breakfast with a view of Ilha Grande
Pulling in to Ilha Grande
Our tender vessel at the pier
Restaurants line the beach
The policeman on patrol had trouble with his vehicle
View from under our tree
Needed my walking stick to negotiate the pavement
Blooms were everywhere
Flip-flops for every taste
Happy tourists


  1. With such a title, I had to read this, Jill! Great photos, and I see you both are enjoying yourself despite the doggy-do!


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