Sunday, November 4, 2012


3 November 2012

Helder, the delightful coach driver on our tour of Spain and Portugal, delivered us to Barcelona's spacious and modern airport this morning. We were both exhausted after the tour and a rather late session last night with our fellow travellers so we both nodded off once we were in the air.

On arrival in Kensington we were gobsmacked when we opened its door to find an enormous hotel room, something we did not expect to find in London.  I had booked the Crowne Plaza Kensington on the strength of TripAdvisor reviews and am not disappointed. Apart from the two superbly comfortable  double beds with lots of pillows there is a sofa and two easy chairs and so much space. Our window has a view over a pleasant garden and a church with beautiful stained glass windows is at the rear of the property.

Throw in the staff members who have been very pleasant and given super service so far and we have hit on the perfect venue for our recovery stay in London. We will be having a a relatively quiet time for the next five days as we build up our strength to face our flight to Nice and meet up with our cruise ship in Monte Carlo.

We managed to fall asleep in cattle class

London Hotel Room

Not your typical London room

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