Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dogs not birds

15 November 2012

I was always under the impression that the Canary Islands were named for the little birds that were found on the islands but I was wrong again. I discovered during our tour on the island of Gran Canaria that when the Romans came to the islands many years ago they found that the natives had dogs and, as the Latin word for dog is Canis, the name was derived from that.

The island was not at all what we expected. I had visions of palm-fringed white beaches and tropical villages. I was wrong again. My photos give an indication of how wrong I was.

Pilot boarding as ship was rocking

Didn't expect Las Palmas to be so built up

Welcome mat

Sophisticated roads and terraced farms

Stunning coastline

Bright houses

Mist shrouded mountains

Mediterranean style villages

Pebbly beaches - ouch!

Las Palmas at night

Locals came on board to entertain us

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