Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a day this has been.....

I blogged over on my genealogy blog about my activities until dinner time. It was a fabulous day.

On Sunday I mentioned to Mr Geniaus that I had never visited Royal Albert Hall; he agreed that it would be worth a visit so I had a look on their website to see if they ran any tours. Something else caught my eye, it was a notice of a concert tonight with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. As Mr Geniaus isn't too fond of classical music I thought the program of "Best of Broadway" would appeal to him. When he agreed to attend I didn't waste any time buying tickets.

Not only were we bowled over by the concert tonight but the atmosphere in this stunning building was electric. I took a couple of short videos to illustrate this but, as I am experiencing a few technical difficulties, I'll just post some happy snaps instead.

View from our box

All seated and ready

Ready, Mr Music

Singalong with the orchestra

A handsome organ

Like a fireworks display without the bang

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