Monday, November 19, 2012

Cape Verde

19 October 2012

After two days at sea we reeached the Cape Verde Islands. Our port of call was Porto Grande, the only deepwater port in this island group.

The people we met when we wandered around the town were friendly and proud although there is evidence of poverty. I will be looking at Kiva to see if I can find someone in this country that I can help with a loan.

This town is not really set up for tourists so when we took our tour it was in a local public bus that didn't have aircon or a PA system like most of our tourist transport.  .  Our guide was a delightful young university student wo was very proud of  his country and heritage; theis was a refreshing change from some of the swarmy tour guides one someways encounters.

Moored right in town

Shops were shut on Sunday but street vendors were out

The municipal toilets were shut

Robert outside the town hall

Jill outside the library
This little chap played his tin drum  for us

Porto Grande cityscape

Tour bus

Some of the landscape was quite desolate

There were some beautiful beaches
Family enjoying a barbeque at Catfish Bay

We drove along a hairem scarem single lane road to see the vista from the highest peak . The woman in front of me kept saying "Sh*t, sh*t, let me off"

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