Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five Weeks

It seems an eon ago that we stepped onto our plane at Sydney but yet the five weeks we have been away have flown.

Today has been a housework day as we have unpacked and settled in our suite on our floating home for the next 27 days. After living out of suitcases for five weeks it was nice to empty our bags and hang up our clothes. We have done our compulsory lifeboat drill and are now ready to face an Atlantic crossing although a fellow traveller (he has done 55 cruises) assures that leaving the Mediterranean at Gibralatar is more challenging as far as rocking the boat then an Atlantic crossing. We are presently heading past Toulon on the French coast.

During our quiet day in Monte Carlo (a welcome sleepin) and after boarding I took a few Monégasque snaps.

Finding dinner in Monte Carlo

There are some serious boats in the harbour

The Casino - We didn't even have a flutter

Learning to sail - Monaco style

The flag was flying - perhaps Prince Albert was home

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