Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fears averted

17 November 2012

It wasn't the crossing of the vast Atlantic Ocean that bothered me most about this cruise it was having to endure "Days at Sea" when we would not set foot on or even see land.

I am pleased to report that both Mr Geniaus and I have survived our first two such days and look forward to three more after our visit to the Cape Verde Islands tomorrow.

Even though the internet connection has been poor (because so many passengers are using it) we have been able to amuse ourselves. I had thought that we might take part in the many organised lectures, games and activities on offer but there was no need. My children will be relieved that their father didn't fritter away their inheritance at the art auction. With books from the ship library and a ton of free inroom movies on offer we were able to amuse ourselves. We emerged from our suite at least three times a day for nourishment where we met even more new people to share our tables and chat with.

Life on board this ship is grand. At last night's reception for returning cruisers on Regent Ships we were surprised to hear that 86% of the passengers on board are returning cruisers. With only 6 Regent cruises under our belt we are relative novices, many of our fellow travellers have taken lots more then us.

No land ahoy

Amusement on deck
Three under plates for a bowl of soup - Pleased I don't have to wash up

At least the dessert servings are dainty 

This is your Captain speaking
Another refuelling stop on Deck 11 Aft

Bruscetta - Regent Style

Julia and Lorraine entertain us in cabaret

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  1. Hi Jill,

    I just stumbled onto your blog (thanks Google +).

    Great to see you are having an interesting trip.

    I'm working through the postings backwards.

    Las Palmas has changed a bit since I was there 42 (ouch) years ago.




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