Monday, November 5, 2012

Drizzle and dull skies

4 November 2012

Drizzle and dull skies - we must be in London.

After a much needed 11 hour sleepin we took our time getting ready to face the day. After rising at 6:00 or 6:30 am for most of the past month to get ready to join our tours we revelled in the luxury of a lazy Sunday morning.

I can't believe what a great hotel we chose - not only do we have super accommodation - the location is fabulous. We are just 100 metres from the Tube station and are in an area saturated with cafes and restaurants. We also found ourselves saturated when we set out for a late breakfast so the purchase of an umbrella for he who chose not to pack one was on the shopping list for our excursion to Kensington High Street.

Restraint was the theme for our shopping trip so we only purchased a couple of umbrellas (it hasn't rained since the purchase), a few books from Waterstones, some essentials from Boots (he who is in charge of them forgot to pack the Vitamin D pills) and a couple of jumpers from M&S. We did, however, engage in some serious window shopping and people watching on the High Street.

We were thrilled that Robert's cousin, Gerard, travelled up from the south to spend some time with us. We had a great dinner with he and his friend at Olives Italian Restaurant just around the corner and look forward to spending more time with Gerard tomorrow.

In spite of the drizzle and dull skies we just love London.

Woke to this view out our window

We took the tube to Kensington High Street

Waiting for the train home

Yummy bean soup at Olives Restaurant

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