Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Right Royal Day

Windsor Castle was our destination this morning but more of that later. The Queen was in residence there because there was a big party happening at her London residence, Buckingham Palace.

On our return from Windsor early this afternoon we put our feet up for half an hour then donned our glad rags and set off on the Tube to Buckingham Palace for the Gala Concert to celebrate 60 years since QE2's Coronation.

At the Palace - will they let us in?

Yes, we got through those gates (and security)
HRH has pretty nice gardens
The concert was in the Queen's backyard
One could purchase a picnic
There were lots of stalls set up by those privileged to have a Royal Warrant

The Signage was pretty posh too

A polite reminder to take our seats
The best of British (performers)


  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos, and obviously a great time had by all, Jill. Of course, you're going to hang around another day or two or more in case the Royal Baby decides to make an appearance, eh?! Cheers.

  2. Wonderful photos Jill! Thanks for sharing!


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