Saturday, July 6, 2013

A trip on a train

Last time I organised a trip on a European train it turned out to be a bus ride. Because we bought the tickets for this journey at the railway station I was quite confident that our journey from Prague to Vienna would actually be on a train....and it was.

I was so busy looking after my luggage and purchasing some breakfast that I took no photos at the train station in Prague. I was pleased that I was able to use the five hour ride to write 1 1/2 magazine articles that needed to be written for a genealogy magazine by next weekend.

Although I was concentrating on writing I managed to gaze around and take a few snaps before we arrived In Vienna.

We didn't have to fight for a seat

Getting settled

Goodbye Prague
We passed many blocks of flats

and rural landscapes

Some travellers caught up on shuteye

and a railway worker busied himself with a bicycle

Last stop in the Czech Republic

The train kept to time

We even got to Vienna a bit early

We need to find out what that beaut building is.

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  1. You're certainly getting around, and seeing the sites.


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