Sunday, July 28, 2013

Local Treasure

$32 well spent
For fifteen years I have intended going to the Galston Rotary Club Annual Giant Book Fair which is on again this weekend but I'd never made it.

What a surprise I got when I stopped by yesterday afternoon. I expected that most of the books would be gone but I was mistaken. As a former librarian I could tell when I entered the door and saw the display that there were many books on offer here; in fact there were 55,000 books for sale.

There were rare books and signed books, some books were individually priced while others were sold by the inch. The books were all sorted and categorised. The local Rotarians have done a super job in organising the fair; countless hours of preparation would have preceded the Fair.To work out how much to pay one lays the books down flat, piles them up and measures the height of one's bookpile in inches. For my 16 inches I paid $32 ($2 per inch). I couldn't buy too many books because I have a bit of a back problem at the moment and can't carry too much which is probably a good thing.

I won't wait for another 15 years before I visit the Fair again.


  1. Wow, sounds like it was book lovers' heaven! And what an absolute bargain for the books.

  2. Perfect way to get more books and enjoy different genres as well! By the way - I use a rolling cart (a Rolser) all the time these days when I think I'm going to be carrying a lot of heavy stuff - even going to the library! Saves the knees as well as the back!!

  3. Celia, I think I need a Rolser.


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