Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've got tickets

Last month I wrote about the book The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. I suggested that everyone should read it and am pleased that my 12 year old Grand-daughter and her mother both followed my recommendation. I wonder if anyone else was prompted to read it.

My mate Jackie made this comment on my post "I went and saw him recently in the city - a wonderfully funny and poignant show. He announced that someone (Russell Crowe I think) is going to make a movie from part of the book. Anh will play his Dad in the movie - one to watch out for I think."

This week I got a notification from Ticketmaster that Anh would be doing a show in Sydney in November and that a presale would open this morning. At 10:00 am when the bookings opened I logged on in an effort to get tickets. By the time I managed to connect the only tickets available were back about 8 rows or on the ends of rows closer to the stage, I opted for further back in the centre and after three attempts managed to get some seats. I presume that a very tall gentleman and a lady with a big hairdo have booked the seats in front of us.

The State Theatre in Sydney, a venue that I love for its decor although some of the seats are a bit lumpy, will host the performance. Mr Geniaus appreciates the generous legroom between the rows at The State. A trip to the State Theatre brings back childhood memories of many movies seen there with Mum, Dad and schoolfriends.

Anh impressed me so much in his book that I am so looking forward to seeing him in person. 

I've got something to look forward to in November.

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  1. I'm pleased to report that my Grand-daughter recommended the book to her 10 year old brother who is now reading it.


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