Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Terezin or Theresienstadt Concentration Camp and Jewish Ghetto was established inside by the Nazis during World War 11 in the military town of Terezin (now in the Czech Repblic). The camp housed prisoners over the age of 65 while the ghetto was a Jewish settlement.

Yesterday we visited this well-preserved site with Jay our guide from Prague Private Guide. As we arrived before 9:00 am there were very few other tourists at the site; this quiet period highlighted the sombre nature of the area.

There are two sites: the small fortress and the large fortress (the town)

The fortifications surrounding the camp in the small fortress provided good security
View from a cell in the small fortress

Administration Office, small fortress

A bell summoned the prisoners to roll call

Courtyard small fortress

Jewish cell

Solitary confinement

Prisoners' laundry

Shaving room installed for Red Cross visit, although there was no water connected it fooled the representatives form the International Red Cross

One of the successful escapes from the camp was made through this gap

Additional buildings were constructed during the war to house the many prisoners

Cemetery outside the camp walls is a memorial to those who were in Terezin

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  1. chilling! I hope your granddaughter got to go with you too.


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