Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Night at the Ballet

It was a lovely trip to Kutna Hora today but we did not dilly dally there as we had to return to Prague to attend the opening session of The New Prague Dance Festival at The National Theatre. The purpose of my visit to this beautiful city with my daughter was to see my granddaughter, Emily, dance in The New Prague Dance Festival.

There are dance groups from a huge number of countries including Australia, Belgium,Gibraltar,Ireland,  Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey taking part in this four day festival. Emily is in a group from The Elizabeth McGirr School of Ballet that is dancing on three of the four days. Tonight they performed two items a free movement and a classical dance.

Free movemnet

Free movement

Beginning of the classical dance

The group

Emily s in the centre here

Emily en pointe

It was a successful performance

I am a very proud grandmother tonight.

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