Monday, July 8, 2013

Out and about

The temperature in Bratislava yesterday reached 30c and there were people out and about everywhere.

Catching some zzzzs on the boat trip to Bratislava

A bub posed for Japanese tourists as he splashed in the fountain
A shopping trip with Mum
Lots of folk were out walking
Even the clergy took time out for a Sunday stroll
The Main Square is a good place to rest one's feet
or check out one's souvenirs
Tanning on the move
Sun worhsipper

Some wore sensible shoes
These boots weren't made for walking
Out on the Danube
Walking to work
Man at work
People kept getting in the way of my door photos
More door photo polluters
I just had to include people in my door photos

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  1. Great photos! Thank you for bringing my attention to this blog! I totally agree, we need to share our history also! I will add a link of this blog to mine! Happy Travels to you!


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