Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It was all beautiful except for the weather

17 April, 2013.

The sun has just appeared after taking a three day break during our time in Bermuda. We took bus, taxi and walking tours in this beautiful, small country and our enthusiasm for the nation was not dampened..

It was a beautiful sail into Hamilton past small islands, seacraft of all sizes and a rainbow of homes lining the shores.  Our ship pulled up conveniently in Front Street, Hamilton the Capital of Bermuda just across the road from shops and cafes.

Now it's a day at sea (with sunshine) before we hit mainland US and visit Charleston, Savannah and Cape Canaveral. I will split this post in two as I have quite a number of snaps from Bermuda to share.

Move over - we're coming

We could nearly touch the shops across the road from our ship's balcony
Colourful houses
Beautiful Beaches
Even the churches are painted up
Lots of resorts and golf courses
Everything is expensive - $10,000 for this boat
Water everywhere
Old Naval Dockyard - Now a tourist trap 
Transport for our taxi tour

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