Monday, April 22, 2013


21 April, 2013

As we had already done the only other tour on offer in our port today, a space themed visit to Cape Canaveral, we opted for the airboat ride.

A short bus ride took us to the town of Christmas, Florida and the very modest headquarters of Midway Airboat Rides. After having an opportunity to visit the gift shop 12 of our group boarded the boat for an adventure with our Captain. We had done an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades a couple of years ago which we enjoyed; although it was different we enjoyed this experience just as much. On our last trip the environment was different, the driver was more of a cowboy and we saw more wildlife.

For today's ride on the St Johns River we had a more experienced Captain with better knowledge of wildlife, our tour was twice as long and we had noise-cancelling headphones with microphones that allowed us to ask questions and  interact with other adventurers. Perhaps our more sedate ride was in deference to the number of silver-haired passengers in our group!

Lots of birdllife
Captain at the helm
Pretty in pink 
First gator sighting
Apparently the gators don't bother the cows
US emblem - Bald Eagle
There weren't many alligators on the bank - no sun for baking

The reeds lead to  different environment

Peaceful cypress grove

Full speed ahead 
Midway Airboats dock

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