Monday, April 8, 2013

Horse Country

Mr Geniaus' cousin lives in horse country in Virginia. We enjoyed our two days reminiscing with  them and poring over old family photos. Yesterday they took us out into thevVirginia countryside to view a steeplechase on a beautiful old Virginia property, Ben Venue Farm. The owner kindly hosted the "Old Dominion Hounds Point to Point" on her property.

The cousins prepared a beautiful picnic and packed it into the back of her truck with a few rugs, we then  piled into the vehicle and travelled through the beautiful blue hills of Virginia to the venue. We parked our truck on a slope overlooking the course and settled in for a fun afternoon of eating, drinking, chatting and watching. Thankfully the skies were clear and there was no wind so the atmosphere was perfect.

Mr Geniaus and his cousins at the Steeplechase

My perch on the hill

One of the jumps

With the cousins and the truck

A win by a nose in a two horse race

After the race we repaired to the Blue Rock Inn, Washington Virginia

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