Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg

Driving from New York to Miami we have had to be selective about the sites and attractions we visit or we would never reach our destination in time to board our cruise ship. We aim to select sites that are unique to a particular area. 

Yesterday we chose a top spot with the help of our guide book. The site we chose was off I-95, the road we are following south, but it proved to be well worth the detour. An historically significant site for US history Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia from 1699 to 1780. With the help of philanthropist, John D Rockefeller, the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin, rector of Bruton Parish Church embarked on a restoration project of this important area. You can read all about Colonial Williamsburg here

We were most impressed with the quality and quantity of the buildings and the cleanliness and attention to detail at the site. We had a most enjoyable and satisfying stroll through the site on a mild, and sunny Sunday afternoon. We made one tactical error; drigving along the highway we saw a sign pointing to the Visitor Center, we duly followed this, parked our car, purchased shuttle tickets and travelled that way to the site. There was no need to do this we could have skipped the Center, parked closer to the site and gone for our stroll. 

Naturally we captured  few images to record our visit.

Visitor Center

The Capitol

Restored Original Buildings
Chatting with the locals

Surveying the scene

There was little commercial activity spoiling the environment. These pretty hats were  an example of sympathetic  commercialism

A civic building
Public transport
Down a side street

This house is still in private hands
A modern commercial area abutts the site

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  1. What a wonderful day - gorgeous weather, beautiful old buildings, easy on the eyes landscape, and friendly people... throw in some fascinating early USA history as well. I'm travelling through your 'eyes'!


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