Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trees by a Riverbank

Mr Geniaus has terrible trouble finding birthday presents for this girl who "has everything". I didn't expect a gift this year as I considered that my recent trip to Europe with my daughter was more than enough.

But I do like surprises so I was more than delighted when Mr Geniaus yesterday gave me a large parcel that had arrived from England. After I finally removed the surprise from the metres of bubble wrap that were protecting it I found something that I wasn't expecting at all; it was Trees by a River Bank.

Trees by A River Bank
It's a painting by Australian artist Jamie Boyd, son of Arthur, and member of the family that includes a few other prominent Australian painters.

What is surprising is that we're not really into art and don't collect paintings but I guess that we do now. Mr Geniaus found this one on a UK auction site while looking for something else, bought it and had it shipped to Australia.

I was quite floored by this lovely surprise. Thank you Mr Geniaus.

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