Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Drive By Photography

I love taking photos when we are travelling along various highways and byways and Mr Geniaus likes to drive along making minimal stops. If we stopped every time I wanted to take a photo we'd probably never get where we are going.

On our trip from Sydney to Wagga Wagga via Canberra yesterday I took more than a few snaps from the car; many of them were actually in focus but they are definitely snapshots not beautifully composed compositions. They are, however, great reminders for me of the various trips we take.

Here's some drive by photography from yesterday.

There is wattle everywhere - no wonder I sneezed so much

Hope the Esky was still  there when these folk stopped for lunch

We only saw one Police Car on the trip

Why do road signs get in the way of my photos?

It was the coldest weather we've experienced all winter

The sun was shining and the skies were blue

Lake George was dry as usual

Another street sign at The Australian War Memorial

Clouds are gathering

So many big transports - why can't we use more trains  for transporting goods?

And the rain came down

On the road at Gundagai

An Aussie farmhouse 


  1. After all these years and you haven't trained him better Jill?

  2. Pauleen, Cana't teach an old dog new tricks.



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