Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Mates

Taken fifty years ago this is a picture of me with my two best friends from school on a picnic. The image is not so good but my camera wasn't too good in those days either.

3 School Friends 1963 (I'm on the left)
A few times a year we get together in the City to see a movie or visit an attraction and have a bite to eat while we chat. Yesterday we were in the City bright and early to see the 10:00am session of  Behind the Candelabra  a movie about Liberace that we all thoroughly enjoyed. I had seen Liberace when he visited Australia in the early 80s so was keen to see how he was protrayed by Michael Douglas.

 After the movie we wandered around to Circular Quay where we found a restaurant with a sheltered spot in the sun. We ate and we talked and talked. Thankfully the restaurant people didn't move us on so we were able to engage in a 2 1/2 talkfest.

I love these get togethers with my old friends who, like me, just can't work out where those 50 years have gone.

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