Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Baby's fast asleep

I'm blogging from our hotel room after our first day afternoon in in Prague while my daughter is sleeping soundly beside me. You see I only had a two hour flight from London but she had travelled for around 30 hours on three planes from Australia and was a trifle tired.

We were lucky that our flights arrived within around twenty minutes so we were able to meet up and travel into the city together. My granddaughter also arrived with her ballet teacher and the group of girls she is performing with in The New Prague Dance Festival. She and the group are at a different hotel from we oldies.

Having been cooped up in airports and planes we needed  fresh air and exercise so we took to the streets of Prague. Following are some snaps from our day.

Emily and fellow students from The Elizabeth McGirr School of Ballet at Prague Airport

Our hotel is convenient, cosy and well appointed

Jennifer is leading me astray, our first stop was Sephora

Republic Square is just a stone's throw from our hotel

Wonder if this is a group from the Dance Festival

So many fabulous old buildings

Toys for boys in the souvenir shops
Wonder what this buildings story is

Foyer outside the restaurant we chose for dinner

Interior of the restaurant

Dinner entertainment
Back to our hotel for an early night
We need to rest up as tomorrow we have booked a six hour walkng tour of the city. We are keen to learn the stories behind some of the beautiful buildings we saw today,

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