Monday, June 10, 2013


Quite a while ago one of my schoolfriends suggested that I might enjoy a particular book; I noted in my list of books to read "Cecilia - nun book" and saved it to the list.  As we had been students together in a Catholic school my friend thought this book would strike a chord with me.

Another friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could help a member of our Historical Society who was having an issue with Blogger software. The lady who needed help had set up a travel blog for a 104 day cruise she was embarking on the next day. I proffered a little bit of advice and took a look at her blog, All about life,  then I added it to my RSS subscriptions. I have been following that blog since then and have enjoyed Cecilia's regular posts from the cruise ship. She has a conversational writing style with touches of humour, her language is colourful (not blue) and descriptive.

When I read the biographical information about Cecilia on the blog I noted that she had written a book, "Cecilia-an Exnun's Extraordinary Story", I pondered when I saw this as it struck a chord. After a little while the penny dropped. It was probably the title suggested by my schoolmate. Of course I just had to have a copy.  I logged onto the secondhand book site Fishpond and found there were two available for

$8.47. I  gave the credit card a little more exercise and waited... but not for long.  Last Friday afternoon we found a package on the front doorstep. 

Prior to dinner I pried open my parcel, the book was in good shape; I don't like dirty books (physically dirty that is). I started reading while I was cooking dinner and didn't stop until the book was finished the next day. I can see why my friend recommended it. Cecilia, a former Sister of Mercy, gave an honest warts and all account of her time in the cloisters and out in the world. She spilled the beans on some of the nunnish mysteries my friend and I wondered about at school around fifty years ago and all in that lovely writing style she demonstrates in her blog posts.

Set in the Hunter Region of New South Wales and Sydney where I live this book resonated with me as the places were so familiar. One huge suprise was when Cecilia mentioned a celebration for Sister Mary Casimir's jubilee. Sister Casimir was my 5th and 6th class teacher! 

Anyone who has wondered what nun's did behind those closed doors as well as those who enjoy a well-written honest, heartfelt true story  would enjoy this tale.

I am so pleased that Cecilia needed help with her blog. 


  1. I'm glad I could play a part in linking the two stories :)
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Serendipity strikes again! I'm off to take a look at the blog!


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