Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can't believe I forgot my camera...

...but I remembered to pack two spare batteries when we played tourists in our own city a couple of nights ago.

Thankfully I had reminded Mr Geniaus to take his camera to Sydney's Vivid Festival (a festival of light, music and ideas) where a number of buildings around the Harbour are lit up and just a few become the canvases for spectacular light and music shows. The weather was balmy (for winter), the crowds were manageable and the atmosphere reminded me of the time around the 2000 Olympics. It was a photographers' paradise - I have never seen so many tripods.

As one of my Facebook friends who emigrated here from Holland said
"Not just the best country in the world not just the best city in the world but also the most beautiful city in the world!"

Here are a few of Mr Geniaus' snaps:

The Coathanger

Luna Park - Just for Fun

Sails of the Opera House

Circular Quay - even the train station is all lit up

Customs House

A Busker's light show
The Museum of Contemporary Art

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  1. Just beautiful, Jill... Playing catch up, albeit slowly...


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