Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bird Feed

Living in a semi-rural area on a small acreage allows us to have the benefits of homegrown fruit and vegetables and fresh eggs from our chooks.

In our mini orchard we have over 20 fruit trees and vines of various varieties, it's fun to observe their annual cycle and we get especially excited when buds turn to small fruits and we watch their progress as they mature and become ready for picking. We have recently been watching our stone fruit and apples.
Our Mini Orchard
 One of our plum trees was laden with fruit so the last week Mr Geniaus decided that he would collect the fruit for Christmas. The local bird life also watch the progress of our fruit. So when Mr Geniaus went out with his bucket to collect the plums what did he find but a tree that was bearing absolutely no fruit.  The birds had beaten us to it and had just left us the plum seeds scattered on the ground under the tree.
Plum Seeds on the Ground

We know how to outsmart those birds so we had netted the apple tree that had the most fruit. Mr Geniaus went out on Sunday to find that a bird had gotten under the net and was having a great old feast. He adjusted the net and came inside quite satisfied. Those birds just can't be beaten, yesterday Mr Geniaus went out to find more birds having a picnic through and under his net.
Netted Apples

He was able to salvage four small apples.

Similar to the saved apples


  1. Lots of good juicing to be had from all that lovely fruit ..... better than me, I have to pay $2.00Kg for the apples alone!

  2. Thanks for your comment Leonie. I get so many comments over on my genealogy blog but the people who read this must be a mob of shrinking violets.


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