Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Days

Most days I take a few photos on my phone, tablet or one of my cameras. I love looking back at my pictures and reminiscing about the people, places and events they capture.

For the past couple of years I have contemplated taking part in the 365 days project in which people take and share on the internet a photo they take on each day of the year. Today a couple of my online pals announced that they are responding to this challenge. I thought about setting up a blog for the purpose and, on second thoughts, decided that I probably wouldn't manage to finish the challenge so why start I then realised that I alreaady have this blog and that I could use it to post photos on most days. I will tag them with 365 and see how many I manage for the year.

So here is my first photo in my half-hearted attempt at 365 days.

When I realised that I hadn't taken a photo on New Year's Day I leant out of bed, grabbed the Galaxy S3 and took a snap of my trusty bedlamp.  This lamp shines her light on me when I sometimes burn the midnight oil in the company of a good book.


  1. I did the 365 day challenge on Flickr ... I think that was in 2008. Managed to get to June or perhaps July at most. I take photos just about everyday though ... but don't participate in the challenge!

    Taking the photos is a challenge in itself. :)

    1. That's pretty good, Leonie, I don't know if I'll get to July.
      I've lasted a week so far but although I have taken a photo each day I have been a bit late in posting a couple.

  2. I hope it goes well Jill. What I found was that it made me friends with my camera again and got me looking at things differently. But I didn't manage a pic a day, though I think I did post more than 365 photos....you know me ;-)


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