Sunday, January 20, 2013

$50 well spent

True confessions time - I have an addiction - BOOKS

Even though I am a former librarian I prefer to own books rather than borrow them. I love fetes and op shops where I sometimes pick up pre-loved  books for a song.

Today I found that an Australian charity has put their bookshop online. From their website I learnt that "Brotherhood Books is a new Social Enterprise from the Brotherhood of St Laurence and is intended to encourage the recycling of high quality books and to contribute funds to the Brotherhood’s charitable operations."

Brotherhood Books Home Page
Before I blogged about this fantastic site I joined up and did a little shopping. I allowed myself a budget of $50 and, as I wasn't looking for anything in particular except books relating the Australia's history, I restricted myself to books under $10. 

For that sum I purchased eight books with no extra cost for shipping. I am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my purchases:

Immigrants in Western Australia

Families in Colonial Australia

Ella Norman: or A Woman's Perils

A Portrait of Bathurst

In Sunshine or in Shadow

A City on a Hill

Chosen: The Jews in Australia

Old Canberra

This is a fantastic initiative from a charity. I encourage all my Aussie friends who share my passion for reading to support this venture. You can keep up with their news at Brotherhood Books on Facebook


  1. Hi Jill, if the book Chosen: The Jews in Australia mentions my ancestor, Esther Spencer/Stubbs/Bigge (nee Salamon) I'd love to hear about it.
    Might see you at Hornsby RSL in a few weeks.

  2. Will do, Janelle.

    Hope to see you at the UTP gig at Hornsby.

  3. A great haul, I wish as always I lived closer!

  4. An amazing array of books .... thanks for sharing the link Jill


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