Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Three Sisters

Last week I was entertaining an overseas guest. As the weather was favourable in Sydney I decided to take her for a trip to see our beautiful Blue Mountains.

Hawkesbury River and Valley from Yellomundee Regional Park en route to the Blue Mountains
Our first stop at the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum was a success as my guest was partial to galleries and had fond memories of reading Lindsay's The Magic Pudding with her children when they were young.

As we drove through Leura and headed towards Echo Point and the Three Sisters the temperature dropped. When we hopped out of the car my companion decided that it was a good idea to wear the extra warm jacket I had packed in case...  (as a Mum I have a commitment to 'in case' packing). As we approached the viewing area we were faced by a surreal scene; we could not see the deep floor of the valley below and could barely glimpse the sheer sandstone cliffs on the other side of the valley. We agreed that the view was stunning even if we couldn't see much.

The Invisible Valley
"Never mind" I said, "let's go and see the Three Sisters".  We wandered the few hundred feet towards the vantage point for viewing the Three Sisters and this is what we saw -
The Three Sisters 
Thankfully my friend has a penchant for souvenir shops and tacky treasures so we repaired to the adjacent gift shop where she boosted the Australian economy by buying a stash of goodies to take home (perhaps it was the Chinese economy she supported).

Wonder of wonders, when we emerged from that Aladdin's Cave, the Three Sisters had overcome their shyness and could be seen through the mist.

The Sisters come out of hiding
The gods were smiling on us as we drove up Katoomba's main street to have a late lunch at The Paragon Cafe; we scored a parking spot right out the front. The meal we were served was as good as the parking spot we had out front.

Art Deco decor at The Paragon
Sweet things at The Paragon
 The sun finally reappeared for our drive home down the mountains.

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