Friday, July 27, 2012

Grandparents' Day

The excitement of a five year old as he proudly shows examples of his schoolwork made a two hour trip up the freeway to another city worthwhile.

Today Mr Geniaus and I travelled north for grandparents' day at the school three of our grandchildren attend. The eldest grandchild is in the Middle School and we were unable to visit her class due to a clash with the grandparents' picnic at the Junior School Campus.

It was a glorious, sunny winter's day so conditions for a picnic were perfect. As we sat around chatting before the children joined us I mentioned to my daughter that it didn't look like a school playground, it resembled a senior citizen's convention. As the children came tumbling  out of their classrooms the playground became alive. We had a great time talking with children's parents, filling empty small stomachs and watching the kids at play with their mates.

Classroom visits were on the agenda after lunch. In the 4th grade classroom we helped our grandson work on an assignment on cockroaches. I learnt a few new facts including that cockroaches can live  for a week without a head.

Learning about cockroaches in Year 4

In the kindergarten room I looked at the stories written by our five year old, played Word Bingo with some other children and grandparents and looked at work samples.
Reading stories in Kindergarten

We even found a story about Mr Geniaus

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