Saturday, July 14, 2012


There is one thing that brightens the winter gloom here in Sydney. It is my collection of camellias that bloom throughout our cool months.  We have nearly 40 camellias, some are in pots, some are very small, a couple are several metres tall, some have lush foliage but no blooms, some are groaning under the weight of buds, some are late bloomers and some early. 

These plants require little care as they are drought resistant (in our garden it's survival of the fittest) and they are one of the few plants that our plague of wild rabbits don't find tasty.

I just took a toddle around the garden to say hello to my pretty plants.

A dainty potted plant
White as snow
Another potted plant on our back terrace
Pretty in pink
One of the few blooms on a young plant
Taken from below - the blooms on this tree are so high
One of the last blooms on this early bloomer
A huge plant - around 3-4 metres tall
A bloom on the huge tree

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