Thursday, July 19, 2012

Culture vulture

I had an excursion to Sydney's CBD yesterday where I caught up with some schoolfriends for a movie and lunch. As my friends know more about movies than I do they choose what we will see.

Yesterday they chose a Danish film "A Royal Affair" that we saw at The Dendy Opera Quays and the film was a stunner. The acting was fantastic, the music just right, there was romance, intrigue and a bit of gore. Based on the true story of the English Princess, Caroline Mathilde, who was sent to marry  the mad Danish King Christian VII although it had subtitles this film held my interest from go to woe. I would highly recommend seeing this film. Now I want to learn more about this period in history. 

After lunch and an interlude at the State Library I met up with my husband for dinner and an Irish play "The Seafarer" at The Darlinghurst Theatre. Although I did not enjoy this play as much as the morning film I enjoyed it. Wikipedia tells us "It is set on Christmas Eve in Baldoyle, a coastal suburb north ofDublin city. The play centers on James "Sharky" Harkin, an alcoholic who has recently returned to live with his blind, aging brother, Richard Harkin. As Sharky attempts to stay off the bottle during the holidays, he contends with the hard-drinking, irascible Richard and his own haunted conscience."

The acting was convincing, the characters interesting, there were many funny lines and the ending was quite a surprise. This is the third play I have seen at  The Darlinghurst Theatre ; they have all been different, the similarity being that I have enjoyed each of them.

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